Taking a Break in Assisi

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Assisi is absolutely beautiful! I was actually invited to join a couple friends there. The home was so cozy and warm. There were INCREDIBLE views of the entire city. It was a place that most people can only dream of.

Although my friend’s grandparents were not there, they arranged transportation for us. We were welcomed at the train station by a family friend. They taught us proper etiquete in the grocery store such as putting gloves on before you touch any produce, weighing the produce by its number and printing the label out, etc. They even gave us a tour of the home and how the city generally operates.

After a couple days of recovery, another friend, Rodger and his girlfriend, picked us up and gave us a walking tour of the downtown area of Assisi. He runs a shop in a neighboring city, so during his free time he wanted to drive us around town. He speaks both english and italian so it was nice to learn about the city from a local. He walked us through some of the oldest churches in the city including Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi. The church also had incredibke art, amazing views of the city, and even the tombstone of St. Francis. It is a very clean and quaint town. Almost everyone speaks italian. The weather may be freezing at times, but it is always appropriate to have gelato.

The highlight of Assisi was waking up one morning to Luke running around the house yelling “IT’S SNOWING OUTSIDE!!!” Coming from Southern California, snow rarely appears on the mountains. It is definitely a rare but very wonderful experience. It was so crazy to watch the snow fall. I would run outside to take pictures but couldn’t last more than 5 minutes before completely freezing!

Being able to live in the countryside was definitely interesting. Without having a car, it is extremely difficult to travel and visit the entire city. We were about 30 minutes away from the train station by car so it was challenging to walk everywhere. As beautiful and amazing as it was, I learned that I am definitely a city girl. In Assisi everything would close from 1pm-4pm for a break. Opening again at 4pm and closing by 8pm. The countryside of Italy is beautiful, but it has its challenges. Everything opens extremely early and closes very early too. It was very peaceful and calming. Extremely cold. It was a perfect place to relax and work on homework, but now I’m in the beautiful city of Florence. The city never sleeps.. literally! But more on that later.

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