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Is Pumpkin Spice Really Nice?

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

          If you’re anything like me, Fall is one of my favorite seasons, especially here in Hawaii. You get to tan in 80-degree weather while enjoying all the seasonal treats! But has anyone ever noticed how disgusting most of these pumpkin spice items are? Everywhere I go, the “New Flavor” or “Flavor of the month” is pumpkin spice. Believe me, I am usually one to say “My blood type is pumpkin spice.” After all, how can something pumpkin be bad? I soon came to regret these words…

It all started earlier this month at Starbucks, (of course). Who doesn’t enjoy a good P.S.L.?As I enjoyed my coffee I started to look into the ingredients. Coming from someone who enjoys drinking their coffee black, a drink with tons of sugar (up to 50 grams to be exact), is a huge treat! There really isn’t a good, healthy, alternative to the classic pumpkin spice drink either. Making it with almond or coconut milk or using the classic “Pumpkin Pie” spice mix at home never quite tastes the same. At the time, I thought it was just me, however, I came to realize something with this much sugar and unnatural ingredients really can’t be imitated well at home. The main issue with P.S.L. is the fact that it also sets a standard for all future sugary treats.

The other day, I saw an Instagram ad for Pumpkin filled malasadas (Hawaiian Donuts). For those of you who do not know, it is essentially a donut without the hole in the middle. It is a fried pastry but feels like you are biting into a cloud of dough, topped with sugar and occasionally filled with chocolate, Nutella, or in this case, pumpkin. Naturally, I had to try this delicious new treat…


Unfortunately, it was disgusting! As you can see, it is bright orange! It tastes just as bad and unnatural as it looks. It was tart and almost more lemony than pumpkin. I love malasadas, but to my dismay, this pumpkin filled malasada was a huge disappointment. (My best advice is to stay far away from the pumpkin and stick with what they are known for, original!) Unfortunately, it does not stop here…

The more places I go, the more I realized how much pumpkin spice is advertised.. and it does not even taste good! Advertising pumpkin spice creamer, breakfast bars, smoothies, cakes, candles, etc. 

For the longest time, I was a proud supporter of pumpkin spice everything! Pumpkin spice is a difficult flavor to master and should only be put in coffee.. but even then, I’d rather drink my coffee black. But what do you think? Is pumpkin spice as nice as they say or is it just a passing trend?

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